Bringing something new to the table is important. On the international side, these are great titles to gain context and a deeper understanding of Eastern Europe:

The Economist

Expensive? Very. Worth it? Absolutely. This weekly magazine covers a multitude of topics with broad applicability to everyday life. This magazine will empower you to make smarter decisions.

Rocket Fuel

Gino Wickman & Mark C. Winters

Why you should find the yin to your yang: Are you an ideas person but aren’t strong on execution? Have the passion for operations but lack visionary skills? This book explains the power in finding the right business partner.

Bargaining for Advantage

G. Richard Shell

This book helps cultivate the art of negotiation, a core skill which every human on the planet should have. Read it.

Journey for Our Time: The Russian Journals of the Marquis de Custine

Marquis de Custine

The best book I’ve ever read about Russia – a revelation. If you will only read one book about the region, read this one.

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