We make it look easy

I took the above picture along the Route des Vins in Alsace, France. 

At the time, the visual struck me due to the intersecting lines of perspective, varying geography, and the sheer beauty of the day.  Today, it represents the amazing things that can come from complex beginnings – in this case a delicious sensory experience from rows of dirt and centuries of expertise.

Our unique background is the key to assisting you in making sense of your complex situation.

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international expertise

With decades of international experience and insight, let Strategic Scouts streamline and solve your most difficult problems.

web marketing

Crafting an online presence can be daunting, even if you’ve done it before. From designing and administrating your own website to navigating the differences between SEM and SEO, we can help you navigate this digital world cost-effectively, and with an efficient return on investment.


SSC’s coaching is all about providing creative solutions to the realities of your problem set: We leverage our extensive network, education, skills, and experiences to lead you to your best solution. Whether it’s negotiating nuclear weapons treaties (nope, we can’t talk about it), or negotiating a term sheet (which we’re happy to discuss in generalities), we’ve seen a lot of outcomes, and can increase the probability that yours will be positive.

We at SSC believe in continuing education. For example, our founder continues to develop himself, and is constantly searching for the best tools out there to assist his own businesses and yours. To that end, Bernie Stone is a voracious reader, and is a Collaborator with Gino Wickman, whose books can be found here and here.

“Mr. Stone is one of the most insightful and honest people with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work in 20 years of federal service. He is tremendously intelligent, responsive and detail-oriented. Mr. Stone handles pressure very well and has my utmost confidence.

Kirk Samson, International Business and Political Risk Consultant