Strategery Holdings LLC

Strategery Holdings seeks out interesting challenges, entrepreneurs needing that special something, and compelling business partners.  We are a Private Equity firm investing in personal relationships and occasional equity positions for the long-term.

Day-to-day, we spend our time working for gratitude – it is the bedrock of this company.  It is the founder’s firm belief that giving of oneself without an expectation of remuneration will lead to future opportunities.  So we are very active members of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, mentor for the Urbandale GenYP program, mentor for the University of Iowa Venture School, and serve as an Advisory Panelist for VentureNet Iowa as much as our busy schedules allow.  This investment of our time, world-wide experience, leveraging of relationships, and sometimes our capital yields a far richer life than dividends can alone.

And we have one simple metric to measure our success – “Bottles of Bourbon Received (BoBR)”.  If someone decides to work with us we ask that twenty years from the start of our relationship, if they find the work we did together to be valuable, give us the most expensive bottle of bourbon they can afford.  This long-term focus prevents seeking disposable relationships and predatory investing that is far too common in the financial community.

So invite us to coffee and let’s explore how you too may achieve something greater by working with us.